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MonitorSalud’s Report 05/16/2020. In the midst of the pandemic, protection measures for health personnel are more important than ever, however, today there are no such measures

#MonitorSalud reports that the shortage of supplies for the protection of health workers is increasing. As the national quarantine lengthens and the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the staff of health centers in Venezuela are increasingly vulnerable.

MonitorSalud’s Report Caracas 05/16/2020. Working conditions in Caracas hospitals continue to deteriorate

#MonitorSalud reports that two months after the national state of emergency was declared due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals in the capital city still do not have the necessary products that allow their workers to carry out their tasks safely.

MonitorSalud’s Report 05/14/2020 Where are the cleaning products for hospitals?

#MonitorSalud reports on the hospital situation nationwide. Lack of water supply and shortage of cleaning products continue to affect Venezuelan health centers.

MonitorSalud’s Report 05/01/2020. On Labor Day there are few things that health workers have to celebrate

#MonitorSalud reports this May 1, Workers’ Day, on non-compliance with the Organic Law of Prevention, Conditions and Work Environment (LOPCYMAT) in health centers in Venezuela, where workers face daily conditions precarious that put their safety at risk.

MonitorSalud’s Report 04/17/2020. Transportation crisis continues to affect health workers

#MonitorSalud reports on the country’s transportation crisis and how it affects health workers trying to get to their workplaces. In addition, they denounce the constant fall in wages that are already below 9 dollars a month.

MonitorSalud’s Report 04/17/2020. Every day, health personnel have fewer resources to protect themselves from COVID-19

#MonitorSalud reports that more than half of the 70 health centers surveyed nationwide do not have basic supplies such as gloves or masks. The safety of health workers is more than ever at risk.

MonitorSalud’s Report 04/15/2020. After a month of national quarantine, hospitals in Caracas still do not have the necessary conditions

#MonitorSalud follows the hospital situation in Caracas. In the 16 health centers surveyed, conditions have worsened after a month of national quarantine. The health sector asks where is the humanitarian aid?

MonitorSalud’s Report 04/02/2020. Transportation crisis affects health workers across the country

#MonitorSalud reports that according to data collected after surveying 58 health centers across the country, it is increasingly difficult for workers to get to their jobs. Road problems, as well as lack of cash, directly affect them. On the other hand, health personnel denounce that salaries are between 5 and 12 dollars a month and it is not enough to cover even the most basic expenses.

MonitorSalud’s Report 04/02/2020. Shortage of necessary products may jeopardize the safety of health workers

#MonitorSalud reports that the data collected between March 24 and April 02 shows a high level of shortage of the supplies necessary for the protection of health personnel, supplies such as masks and gloves that, we recall, are vital to reduce the risk of contagion by COVID-19.

MonitorSalud’s Report 04/02/2020. The deficiencies in the hospitals in Venezuela vary from the lack of disinfectants to the lack of water

#MonitorSalud has surveyed 58 hospitals in 19 states of the country with the intention of knowing the access they have both to water service, and to different cleaning products that are necessary, especially at these times when it is vital to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

MonitorSalud’s Report 03/29/2020. Transportation in crisis, how does it affect the health sector?

#MonitorSalud surveyed 43 hospitals throughout the country to find out how their workers move to their posts.

MonitorSalud’s Report 03/28/2020. Health workers do not have the necessary supplies to protect themselves during the pandemic

#MonitorSalud reports that, after two weeks of the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the country, many of the hospitals surveyed in thirteen states of the country do not have the necessary supplies to protect their personnel.

MonitorSalud’s Report Caracas 03/27/2020. Two weeks after the first confirmed case, are hospitals ready to treat the COVID-19?

#MonitorSalud reports that after two weeks of the confirmation of the first cases of COVID-19 in the country, there are health centers in the Capital District that do not have the necessary conditions to prevent and treat this pandemic safely both for patients as for health personnel.